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The only game in the entire franchise not to have 2K
Three games are that are tied at 89. The first one is NBA 2K3, which Nba 2k22 Mt is dating from the very beginning of the series. The game got off to excellent start and maintained many of the features that had earned favorable reviews up to the point of. They also retained Allen Iverson as the cover athlete.

While some things remained same, there was a few major modifications. Things like Franchise mode were improved to be more thorough than ever but the big shift was made in the way the game was presented. NBA 2K3 was the beginning of a partnership with ESPN and Microsoft that made the game seem more authentic than ever before. The only game in the entire franchise not to have 2K included in its name was ESPN NBA Basketball, which could have been NBA 2K4. This game was all about the ESPN aspect of the presentation and saw Iverson get the cover the last time.

This was the final edition released prior to the creation of 2K Sports. ESPN NBA Basketball featured unique faces for each player as well as a more efficient passing system that was centered on the 24/7 mode, and also included several streetball-related elements. The game was highly praised for its gameplay as well as graphics and presentation.

NBA 2K11 marked a turning stage for the games. While none received a bad review but they did slide somewhat as the 2000s came to an end. This season marked a significant improvement due to a handful of reasons. The most interesting was Michael Jordan, a cover player who hadn't participated in any match in a while.

The Jordan Challenge mode received a number of positive reviews as players got the chance to recreate some of Jordan's most famous moments. This mode enabled the inclusion of a variety of players and teams that were from the past. Add a great soundtrack and things like the D-League in Association mode and buy 2k22 mt you've got a winner.